HIS Export Group was founded in 2010 as a Group of companies in different countries, HIS Export Group in Spain and Intellia Global Ltd in (UK).

The people that works in our group is coming from other companies were as a result of the dissatisfaction we were all experiencing with our respective ex-employers; complacency, inflexibility in the ever changing market place due to new players, mainly China and Brazil and refusing to listen to and act upon any feedback from the relevant customers. Even though these new “players” cannot provide slate of the same quality as the Spanish or British, they still affect the UK slate market.

We have an experience in Natural Stone Products for more than 12 years supplying different countries such as UK, EE.UU., Ireland, Russia, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Brazil and Australia. Knowing what each country demand, we accommodate our products to each and every market. We always satisfy every customer, and help them to improve their sales, so establishing a long term business relation.

Our aim is to have satisfied clients that will keep buying from our Group and not needing to go to an other company for a specific product.

We can supply slate in any and all the sizes currently being used throughout the European market, we also has a large portfolio of countless varieties of granite, marble and slate in the form of flooring, work tops, cladding, wall tiles and slabs from Spain and numerous other countries through out the globe, so please fell free to forward us your enquiries in order for us to offer you our best prices.

Our main office is situated in Vigo, which is approximately 25 miles from where the quarries are located, we always go to inspect the consignments before they are loaded and shipped of to our customers in the UK, Europe or USA to be absolutely certain that they are loading what was ordered.

Finally we would like to express to you that if there is a specific slate that you are looking for whether it be black, grey, green, smooth, riven, thick or thin which you feel is the best suited to the region you cover, as we can source almost any slate being produced in Spain at a very competitive price with very prompt delivery times, do not hesitate to let us know as we do maintain relations with most of the quarries and as a result we should be able to source what you may consider beneficial to your business.


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